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Terms and Conditions of Reservation and Payment of Monarch Ltd.

Augusta Hotel, Sunny Beach is managed by Smart Trade & Travel Ltd.
Phones: +359898567031; +359893666613
Email: sales@augusta-sunnybeach.com
Contact person: Todorka Marinova

Dear Users,
To make a reservation You need to fill some personal information - name, address, telephone number, e- mail address.
The data You provided are protected under the Law on Protection of Personal Data and are processed only in connection with the implementation of statutory requirements of the Tourism Act.
This information will be used only in connection with Your reservation and will not be disclosed for other purposes. Before submitting a reservation, it is the User's responsibility to consult with the General Conditions for Hotel Reservation and Payment of Monarch Ltd . Parties to the agreement are User and Monarch Ltd. If a third person made the reservation on behalf of the User then, that person is obliged to the attitude of Monarch Ltd. for all obligations under the ontract for accommodation as a joint debtor with the User.
Each reservation will be considered an act (or request) to purchase the relevant accommodation subject to this reservation. In no respect for any of the conditions for payment of the confirmed reservation, it is deemed denied by the User.
The User must agree and accept these conditions. If the User does not accept the Terms and Conditions for Hotel Reservation and Payment, its application will not be considered.

Reservations and Registration:
Requests for reservations are made by one of the following ways:
a. By request completed and transmitted through a reservation on the official website of Monarch Ltd. : www.monarch.bg
b. By e-mail: office@monarch.bg
c. By fax: 00359 2 956 84 08

Once we receive and process Your application, You will be notified of the possibility of Your reservation to be made.
Check-in : After 14:00 h.
Check-out : Before 12:00 h.
The reservation is kept till 20.00 h. on the day of arrival. In case of delay, please inform the hotel!
Hotel accommodation is done after the submission of personal document certifying the identity of User made the booking, proof of payment and confirmation of accommodation.
Pets are not accepted.

Prices and Payment:
The prices pointed in the website of Monarch Ltd. are gross prices with WAT, resort fee and insurance included. The whole sum that User must pay is calculated in accordance with the number of days stay, number of adults and children, services etc.
Monarch Ltd. keeps its right to change the prices and special offers published in its website. For reservations, already made, confirmed and paid by the User, the sum to be transferred does not change, no matter a new price offer is presented.
Upon the confirmation by Monarch Ltd, the User must pay due to the specific reservation amount of 100% within 24 h. After that period and absence of payment, the reservation is canceled automatically. In case You are not able to pay the sum for already made reservation, please let us know at e-mail: office@monarch.bg or call us at: 00359 2 956 84 06. In case of non compliance with this condition, Monarch Ltd. bears no moral, material or other liability for cancellation of the reservation. Your reservation is valid and will be finally confirmed after making 100% payment in advance of the amount for a specific request is made and conformation of accommodation is received. Will also receive electronically in case of successful payment and contact information entered correctly. User confirmed that the same is an adult citizen (18 yrs.). It is the User’s responsibility to check its reservation and make sure that all details are correct.
Cancellations and Changes of Reservations:
Any cancellation, no show or change of already paid reservation must be sent in a written form from the User to Monarch Ltd. at e-mail address: office@monarch.bg or by fax: 003592 956 84 56. Monarch Ltd may recover the amount paid upon request as charge a penalty as follows:
a. If the User withdraws from the reservation, cancellations of reservations already paid shall be made without penalty until 14 days before the arrival date, by paying only 5% transaction costs reimbursement. After this period, "Monarch" LTD will hold as a penalty value of 1 night per person according to the requested services + 5% commission (transaction costs). In non-arrival of tourists, "Monarch" LTD will hold as a penalty value of 2 nights per person according to requested services for each person no show + 5% commission (transaction costs).
b. If the User withdraws from the reservation concerning periods of accommodation during the Regional or National holidays or other including (New Year, Easter, Christmas, Student Day, and weekends - Friday and Saturday), cancellations of already paid reservations could be made 14 days before the date of accommodation, such as Monarch Ltd. hold penalty 1 night per person according to requested services + 5% commission expense transaction. After this deadline, cancellations are not accepted, as a specific amount of reservation will not be refunded and the reservation will be cancelled!
c. If necessary, of a return of paid amounts, the same will be restored only with a credit card transaction on the cardholder or to his bank account with which the reservation is paid within 30 days from the date of the cancellation and pursuant to the preceding two paragraphs.
d. Monarch Ltd. reserves the right to cancel a confirmed and paid reservation in the event of force majeure and other circumstances beyond Monarch Ltd. grounds. In these cases, Monarch Ltd. will take the following action:
- Will offers accommodation to the User in a different period, while maintaining the same conditions and prices.
- Will restores amounts paid by the User within 30 - days from the date of receipt of a written request by User, without any penalty.
Types of Payment:
You can choose one of the following ways to make the payment:
1) Electronically with debit or credit card: VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO and cards with the logo of BORICA (Make sure Your card is opened by Your publisher for transactions on the Internet.). When choosing this payment option opens the payment page of our service Bank (Unicredit Bulbank), where You enter data on Your card. If You participate in authentication schemes Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode authentication page opens on Your issuing bank where You enter Your password for authentication. Upon successful transaction, the transaction screen is displayed a note that You print or save.
At present, Internet booking these amounts will be automatically withdrawn from Your card.
2) By electronic payment systems of Epay.bg and Paypal.com
• The amount of these payments is derived from the service site and after a successful payment, it guarantees Your reservation."Monarch" LTD receives no information on Your credit or debit cards.
3) By bank
The payment of the whole sum should be made in the specified time limit after the reservation. After payment is made, it is necessary to send copy of the payment order or paying-in slip on fax: 00359 2 956 84 08 or at email: office@monarch.bg. The reservation number must be written in the reason of payment.
• When using e-banking for payment, it is necessary to send the details of payment at e-mail: office@monarch.bg

4) In the office of Monarch Ltd.
• The payment should be made in the specified time limit after the reservation.
• When paying an online reservation in the office of Monarch Ltd., presenting a copy/print of the internet reservation made is necessary.

• If the reservation is not paid in time and if when paying by bank a copy of the payment document is not sent, Your reservation shall be automatically cancelled by the reservation system.
• When making a reservation, which starting date is on the next day, we recommend that You execute the payment by debit/credit card, because this accelerates the process of reservation.
Additional Conditions:
Monarch Ltd. provides User hotel service in accordance with the request reservation of the Web site, fax, e-mail or filed in office of the company and conditions detailed in the Terms of reservation.
1. Rights and obligations of parties:
1.1 Monarch Ltd. undertakes to provide the User all the paid services
1.2 Monarch Ltd. undertakes not to change the price of the services paid by User, except in exceptional cases where this is economically justified.
1.3 If the User wishes to be provided with additional services outside the program or have specific requirements for food, accommodation and others, it is User’s responsibility to specify them in the application for reservation. Monarch Ltd. will do everything possible to satisfy them, but not unconditionally ensure their implementation.
1.4 When ordering by phone, tourist services must be confirmed by the User in writing at the office of Monarch Ltd., or by fax, by e-mail or by using the reservation form on the website of Monarch Ltd. – www.monarch.bg
1.5 Cancellation of a confirmed reservation and if not specified other terms and conditions, depending on the specifics of the selected service, a penalty will be deducted from the amount paid, according to the Cancellation Policy.
1.6 Monarch Ltd. is not responsible and no refund is made if the cancellation is caused by force majeure, acts of war, terrorist acts, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters and other circumstances.
1.7 Monarch Ltd. is not liable for damages caused by acts of third parties.
1.8 All claims related to the quality of paid services must be initiated by the User at the hotel in order to eliminate them on spot. Bringing it in writing. If the requirements are not met, the client must request the responsible person of a report. Within 10 working days client will receive a formal opinion on the matter from the hotel Manager.
1.9 Reimbursements for services not used wholly or partly attributable to the Monarch Ltd. or its contractors shall be made only against an issued to the User supporting documents (tickets, vouchers, etc.) respectively mapped and certified by representatives of Monarch Ltd. corrections and cancellations.
1.10 Amounts for requested but not used wholly or partly services attributable to the User are not refunded.
1.11 All prices advertised on the website of Monarch Ltd., as well as e-mail messages sent to the User are in BGN and are final (in some cases might be linked with other offers, promotions and conditions).
1.12 Monarch Ltd. reserves the right to extend and modify the features, facilities and products on this website, all amendments will be reflected in due time on the website.
1.13 Documents Monarch Ltd. issued the User for a confirmed and paid reservation:
• Booking confirmation which guarantees the right for accommodation
• An invoice for the amount paid for the reservation
1.14 Transaction currency for payment by card is Bulgarian Lev (BGN). If the website has prices in currencies other than Bulgarian lev, they are only for informative purposes.
Your reservation is guaranteed only after payment to the hotel!

Please, address Your questions related to Internet reservations by email: office@monarch.bg or call us at: 00359 2 956 84 06